Are Your Needs Being Met?

In order for harmonious relationships to exist, we have to be meeting each others’ needs. Problems arise and communication breaks down in romantic, personal, and business relationships when we aren’t even aware of each others’ needs. What’s the best way to find out someone’s needs? Simply ask.

In order to understand someone, you need to know what they want, value, fear and believe. These are the filters through which they experience life. You need to understand which two of the Six Human Needs they value most and how those needs are habitually met as well as what is preventing those needs from being met. You need to know what emotions the person habitually experiences and what are the rewards and punishments they are currently facing.

At Liberty Strategic Coaching we also offer a free Human Needs Survey that is designed to detect your top needs. Once these needs are known, our lives can be integrated with our environment to meet those needs.

me leather 2

Steven Ingram is a certified strategic interventionist and also holds degrees from Liberty University in psychology and interdisciplinary science.


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