Plan your Pleasure

Do you lead a busy and stressful life? Do you have too many things to do throughout your day: tasks, objectives, and goals but not enough day to achieve them? Rather than waiting for the weekend, or even for your next vacation to de-stress and pursue pleasure; we suggest that you plan your pleasure.

I have written many times about goal-setting and visualisation but have you ever thought about setting pleasurable goals? Something I have found very rewarding is to set daily pleasurable tasks or goals. This could be as simple as setting the goal to go out to eat with your family, watch a new movie on Netflix, or make love to your spouse later in the day. Whatever it is- plan your daily pleasure and you will find life much more rewarding.


me leather 2





Steven Ingram is the owner of Liberty Strategic Coaching LLC. He is a certified strategic interventionist, author, husband, father, and minister devoted to freeing minds.



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