Become a Master of the Universe

Recently, I have been re-reading one of the bible’s of success- Think and Grow Rich. Oftentimes, we “success-junkies” will read a great book but never apply it. This is a vice. As the successful people and winners that we all are, we must work through the 3 stages of mastery and really apply what we read.

There are 3 stages to mastery:

  1. Intellectual Understanding
  2. Emotional Understanding
  3. Physical  Understanding and Mastery

Intellectual Understanding: If we liken the application of knowledge to gardening (and all of our minds are gardens), then this first step is simply planting the seed. We read a book, listen to sermon or an audio book.

Emotional Understanding: After we plant the seed of information in our minds, we must consciously begin to feel the principles working out in our life. We water these prinicples with our emotions. For example, perhaps you have sown the seed of information in your mind that the best way to grow your wealth is to give back- to contribute. This might be difficult at first, but then you start to freely give money to family, friends, and those in need. In this stage, we begin to feel the benefit of the knowledge we have acquired.

Physical Understanding: This is the last stage towards mastery. We started off with planting the seed of information, then moving towards feeling its benefit; the last step is to automate it. There is great beauty and simplicity in automation. Once we have mastered something we have read, we don’t even have to think about it. It is simply a part of us. We are a Master of the Universe.

Stay tuned for more article about Napoleon Hill’s quintessential book on success- Think and Grow Rich.

me leather 2Steven Ingram is a certified strategic interventionist and the owner of Liberty Strategic Coaching LLC. He is a devoted father and husband working to free minds.



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