Victory (Or, You Have Already Won!)

When you start your day, do you operate from the worldview that you have already won? Sure, there will be trials today. There will be circumstances that will cause you to doubt if you are making progress in any of your goals. However, if you call yourself a Christian, then you have the Victory.

“But, unto God, be thanks, who, ever, leadeth us in triumph in the Christ, and, the fragrance of the knowledge of him, maketh manifest, through us, in every place” (2 Corinthians 2:14, Rotherham).

Champions have a different vibe about them. When a Champion walks into the room, there is a certain air- a magnetism- that makes us all want what they have. As Christians, we should stand apart. We should be making people want what we have.

John Wesley had a great thought about this verse:

“To triumph, implies not only victory, but an open manifestation of it. And as in triumphal processions, especially in the east, incense and perfumes were burned near the conqueror, the apostle beautifully alludes to this circumstance in the following verse: as likewise to the different effects which strong perfumes have upon different persons; some of whom they revive…”

Today put on the perfume or cologne of a Victor, an Overcomer, a Champion. Why? Because that is who you are!




Steven Ingram is a Christian Counsellor and Certified Strategic Interventionist working to free minds at Liberty Strategic Coaching.



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